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Birthdate:Jun 7
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A taciturn Arts and Media Uni student situated near the centre of the UK, but not quite.

Most likely to be found doing something/anything.
Most unlikely to be actually attending lectures.
Has a habit of using "officially" as a prefix.
Has an uncanny knack of disappearing mid conversation, leaving people to wonder if he fell down a hole

likes to___
Make/create, write, draw, look, listen,
frolic in stupid elvish/slayer/spiderman-esque ways

doesn't like to___
fill out bios, work, be broke (but often is)


Has a cat. EDIT: it died. But I now have some fish (piss poor replacement, I know)
Cannot seem to finish a website. Ever.
Seems to like almost every song ever made. He calls it "an eclectic taste"
Tries to avoid being pretentious and often fails..
Has an unhealthy obsession with Buffy, Elijah Wood and zombies.
Is very self-obsessed, but also very generous.
Is prone to helping, a little too much.

Is done.
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